How has the AMB population evolved?

3,239,337 people live in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

Quants ciutadans i ciutadanes viuen a l'AMB?

What is the sex proportion?

51.5 % are women and 48.5 % are men.

De quin sexe som

How old is the population?

Life expectancy

Esperança de vida

Where were the inhabitants born?

The population composition is very complex, due to the growth dynamics of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, after several decades of population growth based on an intense immigration from the rest of Spain and from abroad.

58 % of the inhabitants of the metropolitan area of Barcelona were born in Catalonia, 22 % in the rest of Spain and the remaining 19.2 % are foreigners (2012).

The number of foreigners has increased from 7.1 % in 2001 to 19.2 % in 2012.

On han nascut els habitants?

Where do foreigners living in the AMB come from?

South America, European Union, and Asia and Oceania represent the major areas of origin of foreign population.

D'on venen els estrangers que resideixen a l'AMB?

What level of education does the AMB population achieve?

Quin nivell d'estudis assolim?

Source: Idescat