Environmental authority

The environmental authority works for the fulfilment of all laws related to environment and sustainability. It is also responsible for reporting and centralizing management procedures for the obtaining of permits and licenses.

The AMB has become an environmental authority in matters of administrative intervention consenting the previous permission to wastewater discharge of the activities in municipal and/or AMB sewerage network or directly to treatment plants by tanker trucks. The discharge authorization is integrated in environmental licenses and permits of activities granted by the OGAU (Office of Combined Environmental Management) or by town councils, as another environmental vector.

The AMB works as environmental authority in the following areas:
  • PMAA (Metropolitan Environmental Assessment Panel), a technical environmental metropolitan body in charge of evaluating application forms and files of environmental license and writing the final report in accordance with Article 38 of Law 20/2009, of 4th December, about prevention and control of activities in municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants and in municipalities of between 20,000 and 50,000 inhabitants not having a competent municipal technical environmental body. The PMAA reports on pollution caused by noise, vibration, heat, odours, water supply, discharges to the sewerage public system or to municipal sewers, and municipal waste management.
  • Intervention in industrial discharges
  • Authorisation of networking connections
  • Groundwater discharge applications
  • Environmental urban planning reports
  • Environmental health: odour and noise
You can find more information about the role of the AMB as environmental authority on the website in Catalan.

Environmental data